Maricopa Water Leak Detection & Water Line Repair

If you know that you have a leak, or just suspect that you have a leak, we can help. We will come prepared with all necessary leak detection equipment to find any leak on your property.

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If received a high water bill, or can hear water running for no apparent reason, then you may have a hidden leak underground on your property. Most homes in Maricopa have a majority of their plumbing under the concrete slab that the dwelling in built on. Fortunately, we can detect these leaks with great accuracy, and offer minimally invasive repair solutions.

Where do leaks occur?

Leaks can occur in many places, including:

  • In drains and sewers
  • Under slabs
  • In irrigation systems
  • In main service between meter and house
  • In swimming pool lines
  • Inside walls and ceilings
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Symptoms of leaks

phoenix water leak

Hearing water running

There may be a leak under your slab. With no where to go, the water is seeping into the ground as water is continuously flowing through that leaking pipe. Once we confirm which water line is leaking, we can usually replace it without disturbing your slab at all.

High water bill

First, we will confirm that you have a leak. Then, through process of elimination, will narrow down which component of your home's plumbing system is at fault. From there, a repair can be made.

phoenix water puddle at home

Wet spot in house

Again, we will first confirm that a leak is present within your water lines. If not, then the problem may be in your drain and sewer system. Further testing is needed if this is suspected.

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How we find your leak

The equipment used to detect your leak depends on if excavation to repair the leak is to be performed, or if the endpoints of a water line must be identified in order to replace it by rerouting it entirely. Acoustic equipment and thermal imaging equipment is great for pinpointing underground leaks. Often times, however, replacing a water line is less invasive, while the necessary leak detection and plumbing work is cheaper. Of course, replacing a water line that has already shown that it is aging may provide far more peace of mind than simply patching it.

Examples of types of leaks that we detect and repair in Maricopa often:

  • Underground leaks outside – These leaks include the main water line that runs from your meter to your house, as well as any irrigation or swimming pool water lines.
  • Leaks under concrete slabs – These types of leaks are usually repaired by rerouting the underground line overhead with a more modern and resilient material called PEX. Sometimes, however, such as when the leaking water line supplies water to a kitchen island sink, excavation through the concrete slab is unavoidable.
  • Faulty water softener – Occasionally, we are called to investigate the reason for a high water bill, and discover that a faulty water softener is continuously discharging water through its regeneration discharge tube. This one is not common, but we know to check for this, as well as a few other rare scenarios during every leak detection assignment. Our experience will ensure thoroughness while working in your home!

If you suspect a leak, do not ignore it. Water leaking under your slab may not be very noticeable now, but water could spontaneously surface through fine cracks in your home's slab very rapidly (including in the middle of the night), or worse, could be eroding away soil under your home's foundation.

Fixing your leak

Once the source of your leak is confirm, then we will provide you with a free repair quote. All options will be discussed in depth, allowing you to decide which one best fits your budget and long-term plans with your home.

underground water leak phoenixAdvanced leak detection equipment is critical when diagnosing an underground leak. This takes the "guesswork" out of the process.

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Why detect your water leak early?

Water leaking under your home will not just cost you money on your water bill. If left neglected, water can surface, causing damage, or even erode away soil from under your home's foundation.

Water can leak from any part of your home's pressurized water system between the water meter and any fixture inside of your home or on your outdoor property. Locating and repair your leak promptly will:

  • Avoid foundation compromise
  • Avoid sewer main breaks
  • Avoid invasive excavation
  • Avoid mold growth
  • Minimize damage to your property
  • Reduce legal liability
  • Minimize or avoid insurance claims
  • Minimize risk of contamination.

Full service leak detection

We have vast experience detecting leaks to accompany the use of our wide range of equipment. It does not matter how complex your property's plumbing system is, or how far out of reach your leak is, we can fix it. After we confirm that a leak is present on your property, we are guaranteed to provide you with a solution, or our leak detection services are free!

Here are some of the methods that we use for leak detection in Maricopa

thermal imaging phoenixDetecting leaks with thermal imaging in Maricopa

We have many tools available to us to detect leaks, and thermal imaging is one of our most useful ones. This method is great when pinpointing an underground leak is needed.

Acoustic testing for leak detectionLeak detection in Maricopa with acoustic testing

When pinpointing an underground leak is necessary, but temperature differentials cannot accurately detect a leak, then the use of acoustic equipment is another option.